Industry Professionals

8skqu2rs“As an Optometrist who practiced with Dr. Norbert Czajkowski, I have had the opportunity to examine hundreds of patients on whom he has performed LASIK laser vision correction. As a rule, these have been the happiest patients in my practice. After observing how pleased my patients were with their vision, and after seeing how quickly their eyes healed following LASIK, I could see no reason why I should not have LASIK myself. On November 23, 1998, Dr. Czajkowski performed LASIK on both of my eyes. The procedure was painless, and the results were dramatic. I now see 20/20 without glasses, and I am free from the hassles of contact lenses.

I now encourage all of my patients to consider refractive surgery as an alternative to spectacles and contact lenses. Not everyone is a candidate for LASIK, but for those who are candidates, LASIK may be a wonderful choice.”

Richard VanDeVelde, O.D.

Our Patients

  • “I was very pleased with my experience and especially the results. I did not encounter anyone who was anything but courteous and professional.”
  • “At all times I felt very confident in Dr. Czajkowski’s ability and expertise.”
  • “The surgery was even easier than I ever expected. I would do it again in a second, and would recommend it to anyone.”
  • “I am 61 years old and now have eyes as I had as a child!”