Billing Changes for Cataract Surgery Co-Management

Posted On: 2022-07-08 | Eye Surgery, Eye Treatment

The team at Fraser Eye Care Center values the collaborative partnerships we share with Detroit area vision care providers. Our plan for successful patient co-management includes sharing information and updates. In January of 2022 changes to cataract surgery with concomitant Glaucoma stent surgery went into effect and these changes have had a direct impact on…

mom and dad walking with their daughter

A Parent’s Guide To Understanding Vision Problems for Children With Disabilities

Posted On: 2022-02-11 | Eye Care, Eye Conditions

Vision problems are a serious issue for anyone who has them, especially children. This is even more so the case for children with disabilities. A review of the subject by Drs. Alison Salt and Jenefer Sargent published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) states, “Children with disability are at a substantially higher risk of…

Studious Student wearing glasses

Resource Guide for College Students With Visual Impairments and Disabilities

Posted On: 2022-02-10 | Eye Care

Overcoming common obstacles like adjusting to a new environment, enrolling in the right classes, and meeting new people can be difficult for any college student. However, these difficulties are amplified for those who already face other personal obstacles like visual impairments and other disabilities. Laws are set in place that require colleges and other educational…

people sitting a circle during a recovery meeting

How Alcohol and Drugs Can Affect Vision: A Guide for Individuals Coping With Addiction

Posted On: 2022-02-10 | Eye Care

It’s no secret that there are many long-term consequences of excessive drug and alcohol consumption. Despite the general acceptance of alcohol consumption, nearly 740,000 cases of cancer in last year alone were linked to alcohol usage. In addition, nearly half a million deaths worldwide are connected to drug abuse. Some might argue that these aforementioned…

Busy Office

6 Ways Your Physical Health Can Influence Your Career Prospects

Posted On: 2022-02-08 | Eye Care

A healthy professional life is incredibly important. There are countless factors that can play into whether you find yourself thriving or struggling to stay afloat in your career. An immensely important one of these factors is your physical health. Not only can health issues and chronic illness negatively impact your ability to work, but also…

Work Life Balance

The Connection Between Work-Life Balance and Aging

Posted On: 2022-02-02 | Eye Care

Stress is a natural part of life, but prolonged exposure to stressful environments and events may even accelerate the aging process. The main stress hormone — cortisol — mainly does this by decreasing the amount of protective casing around your DNA. According to a 2021 Gallup poll, U.S. employees are among the most stressed in…

Remote working man speaking during a zoom call

8 Unexpected Ways That Remote Work Is Affecting Our Health

Posted On: 2022-02-02 | Eye Care

A Bloomberg report suggests that up to 40.7 million Americans may be working remotely by 2026. Bearing this in mind, professionals in the workforce need to prepare for the possibility that they may hold a remote position in the near future. While the benefits of remote work are well-known, it is also important to understand…

Older woman's eye closeup with liquid eyedrops being applied

Serum Tears for Dry Eye

Posted On: 2021-12-14 | OD education

Now Available at Fraser Eye Care for Just $45 Fraser Eye Care Center is excited to offer autologous serum tears for patients struggling with moderate to severe dry eye. We know that dry eye disease can be complex and many patients suffer with frustrating dry eye symptoms. Now you can offer your dry eye patients…

Patient Vision Check Aspect Ratio 560 360

7 Vision-Enhancing Technologies You Should Know About

Posted On: 2021-06-11 | Eye Treatment

Vision-enhancing technology isn’t only for individuals facing disease, eye conditions, or other eye performance difficulties. Today, safe options for vision-enhancing technology mean safe, effective vision improvements without compromising overall health. Consider the following areas for even more information on some of the best that deserve your attention. 1. LASIK LASIK laser eye surgery can help…

Health Conditions Aspect Ratio 560 360

10 Health Conditions That Can Indirectly Impact Eye Health

Posted On: 2021-05-25 | Eye Care

Some medical conditions, though not directly related to your eyes, can have lasting effects on your eyesight and may cause serious eye problems if not treated. Regardless of whether the health condition is genetic or environmental, your body can recover faster and stay healthier with routine eye exams, a healthy diet, and regular exercise. 1….