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Unexpected Factors That May Be Affecting Your Athletic Performance

Posted On: 2022-09-12 | Lifestyle

Several commonly known factors affect athletic performance. The amount you practice and stretch before a game can either give you confidence or leave you worried about your abilities. Athletes in various competitive events spend time building muscle in the gym and getting used to game-time elements like rain and sleet (if they need to play…

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Driving Safely Amid the Extreme Weather of a Changing Climate

Posted On: 2022-09-11 | Lifestyle

As the climate continues to change, the world will witness even more extreme weather patterns. This is particularly true in the Midwest, where they are experiencing hotter summers, increased frequency of heavy downpours, and more rain-freeze events in the winter. These conditions can significantly impact driving safety, and drivers need to be aware of the…

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Preparing for the Future: 15 Items That Will Become Less Common

Posted On: 2022-09-09 | Lifestyle

With the incredibly fast pace of technology and its inevitable advancements, it can make you wonder what will become obsolete next. From digital cameras to prescription glasses, let’s take a look at 15 everyday items that will likely be less common in the coming years. Digital Cameras While professional and hobbyist photographers still reach for…

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How To Maintain Your Work Performance as You Age

Posted On: 2022-09-08 | Lifestyle

Whether it be opening a jar of peanut butter or straining to see the screen in front of you, every aging adult will notice that certain tasks get harder as you age — but this is as natural as the sun rising in the morning. While some might take this as a sign that it’s…

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7 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Happiness and Quality of Life

Posted On: 2022-09-06 | Lifestyle

Happiness is one of the most critical components of your quality of life. Many different things can influence or impact general happiness, including the people around you, the activities that you do, and your environment. If you find yourself reaching for ways to increase your quality of life, consider diving into the tips below. Take…

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Why Millennials Are Aging Faster Than Previous Generations, and How To Fix It

Posted On: 2022-09-05 | Lifestyle

Research shows members of the millennial generation (those born between 1981 and 1996) are aging faster than the generations before them. According to one study by Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), millennials could potentially see mortality rates climb by more than 40% compared to members of Gen-X (those born between 1965 and 1980). This is…

Billing Changes for Cataract Surgery Co-Management

Posted On: 2022-07-08 | Eye Surgery, Eye Treatment

The team at Fraser Eye Care Center values the collaborative partnerships we share with Detroit area vision care providers. Our plan for successful patient co-management includes sharing information and updates. In January of 2022 changes to cataract surgery with concomitant Glaucoma stent surgery went into effect and these changes have had a direct impact on…

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A Parent’s Guide To Understanding Vision Problems for Children With Disabilities

Posted On: 2022-02-11 | Eye Care, Eye Conditions

Vision problems are a serious issue for anyone who has them, especially children. This is even more so the case for children with disabilities. A review of the subject by Drs. Alison Salt and Jenefer Sargent published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) states, “Children with disability are at a substantially higher risk of…

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Resource Guide for College Students With Visual Impairments and Disabilities

Posted On: 2022-02-10 | Eye Care

Overcoming common obstacles like adjusting to a new environment, enrolling in the right classes, and meeting new people can be difficult for any college student. However, these difficulties are amplified for those who already face other personal obstacles like visual impairments and other disabilities. Laws are set in place that require colleges and other educational…

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How Alcohol and Drugs Can Affect Vision: A Guide for Individuals Coping With Addiction

Posted On: 2022-02-10 | Eye Care

It’s no secret that there are many long-term consequences of excessive drug and alcohol consumption. Despite the general acceptance of alcohol consumption, nearly 740,000 cases of cancer in last year alone were linked to alcohol usage. In addition, nearly half a million deaths worldwide are connected to drug abuse. Some might argue that these aforementioned…